New Walt Disney World MagicBands You Know You Want

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Disney News, Disney Parks and Resorts

MagicBands came out a few years ago and started out as a cool, new way to get you into your room and into the parks – being the source of your tickets, FastPasses, Dining Plan and so on. When you book a Walt Disney World vacation package, Disney has a few colors for you to choose from – pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray, yellow, and purple – that they send out as room keys (basically), but, like everything else Disney does, MagicBands have turned into a unique souvenir item – and fashion statement – in their own right.

According to a Disney Parks Blog article from February 2017, more than 29 million MagicBands had been produced by Disney at that time, and that number has surely grown since then, especially with all the new MagicBand options available.

In late 2016, Disney rolled out MagicBand 2, which are somewhat thinner and more flexible than the originals, and allow for more customization as the center icon is removable and can be matched with other bands.

So your MagicBand can now be as eccentric and colorful as you are!

Since releasing initial colors and designs, Disney World has made the MagicBand the hot new souvenir item to have. Those who like to show off their favorites at the parks will not be disappointed as you can buy ones to represent almost every favorite Disney character, attraction, movie, holiday or special Disney event. There are special ones for annual passholders and Disney Vacation Club members, and in true Disney fashion, they produce limited edition ones regularly.

In the last year or so, we’ve seen the release of MagicBands themed to the Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary, Rogue One, Lady and the Tramp Valentine’s Day, Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, Disney Springs Holiday, and the list really does go on and on and on.

But, some of the newest ones are the coolest yet!

Recent MagicBand Releases

Solid Color Magic Bands

In November 2017, during Black Friday at Disney Springs, Disney released a solid black version that has since been expanded for purchase in other Walt Disney World locations. Some people just love black and like to have their accessories to match and others aren’t crazy about colorful accessories. This is just another way that I see Disney offering something for every type of guest that visits.

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World Solid Black MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

In keeping with the rose gold craze that has swept the parks with the release of the rose gold ears in 2017, Disney released the solid-color millennial pink MagicBand on Jan. 8. This color is a delicate, softer pink than the older pink version available and is perfect for the trendy, fashion-forward guest – or those with an affinity for pink. Try it out to match those rose gold ears for the perfect matching Disney look. May have to check this one out myself since I’ve been swept up in the rose gold crazy myself lately!

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World Millenial Pink MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

Disney Character Magic Bands

In December, Disney released a brown MagicBand as part of a design featuring the Seven Dwarfs. All seven are there and it even includes a million diamonds shining as part of this fun design (okay, maybe not a million).

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World Seven Dwarfs MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

For the traditional Mickey Mouse lover, the I Am Mickey MagicBand is the perfect way to show your love for the main mouse. The band itself is white, red (with a set of signature buttons), and black with a yellow center icon. Disney are touting this as the “first ever pre-customized MagicBand” as the customization is taken care of for you with the different color icon. This one is just plain cool!

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World I am Mickey MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

For this year’s Valentine’s Day band, the Limited Edition MagicBand release shows Aladdin and Jasmine exploring “a whole new world” while taking their moonlit carpet ride over Agrabah. The main part of the band, along with the icon, is teal. The edition size for this band is 2,400.

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World Aladdin Valentine's Day MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

January will also see the release of the first-ever MagicBand to represent Pongo, Perdita and all their pups and paw prints from the 101 Dalmatians movie. The MagicBand is in honor of the theatrical release of the film in 1961 and will be released on Jan. 22.

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World 101 Dalmatians MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

Walt Disney World Attractions MagicBand

Another Limited Edition being released Jan. 15 is the Expedition Everest band. The band is red and covered in icons representing one’s perseverance to survive the harrowing encounter with the Yeti in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Celebrations Press Walt Disney World Expedition Everest MagicBand Disney Parks Blog

These MagicBand releases are the most recent, but there are sure to be more releases right around the corner, knowing Disney. They seem to know what they are doing to get people to buy the same item in different themes over and over – I know because I’m one of the ones buying!

If you haven’t found your favorite Disney icon on a MagicBand yet, just wait. I’m sure it’s coming. Share your favorite current design or one you would like to see in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog.

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