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by | May 14, 2018 | Disney Parks and Resorts

With the recent popularity of the rose gold and millennial pink ears, Disney didn’t waste any time turning these popular colors into another souvenir item that has since seen an explosion in the styles available and the characters they represent.

The spirit jersey has recently taken over as the next big Disney must-have. Spirit jerseys are oversized and typically include printed letters on the back from shoulder to shoulder and may include something on the front. The casual, comfortable style is popular with college girls, but it has expanded into a souvenir item for all in recent months.

The original ones at Disney were simple. The first being army green with black lettering and other solid colors with some minor details on the sleeves or front with Walt Disney World written across the back.

They saw a little more detail last fall with ones created specifically for the holidays that mimicked an ugly holiday sweater.

Disney ugly-sweater-spirit-jerseys

This then saw the evolution of the simple ones into styles of all kinds. There are still the solid colored ones in rose gold, millennial pink, mint green, black, navy and so on. But, in true Disney fashion, they have since taken these a step further.

A Minnie Mouse one is red with a bow on the front and polka dots covering the lower half of the shirt.

Disney Minnie Spirit Jersey Polka Dots

Most recently, these souvenirs have taken on a life of their own with the introduction of the line of princess ones.

A baby blue one with a sparkly glass slipper on the front represents Cinderella, and a pink one with a rose represents Aurora (I saw this somewhere else but agree wholeheartedly that they missed the mark on this one by not having the blue fade into pink like her dress at the end of the movie.)

There are two for Ariel: both are a green/teal color where one has a purple clam shell on the front and the other has a mermaid outline on the front and says “Mermaid” on the back.

Disney ariel spirit jersey

The Snow White one is blue at the top, fading into white and then yellow with a red apple on the front, showing off all of her popular colors.

Disney snow white spirit jersey

Now, they have spirit jerseys to represent Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani and Disney Cruise Line. They come in adult and kid sizes and range from simple to elaborate.

If these continue to stay popular, I think we’ll see even more designs moving forward. Disney has the chance to be almost as creative with these as they have with the Mickey Mouse ears – so the design possibilities and the possibilities for styles based on specific characters, movies, attractions, and so on are endless.

What’s your favorite design so far or what design would you love to see them come out with? Let us know below!

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