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Mini BackPacks from Loungefly – Your Newest Park Accessory

by | Jun 10, 2018 | Disney Parks and Resorts, Uncategorized

Disney merchandise is some of the best around. When I go to the parks, shopping for that perfect new item is sometimes as much fun as watching fireworks or riding my favorite ride.

Of course, there are many companies these days that make merchandise out of Disney characters and themes and these are sold around the world. Sometimes, these items made by other companies are even better than the ones made by Disney – not always, but sometimes. For this article, we’ll be looking at some new products made with an outside vendor that are growing more and more popular in the Disney parks.

If you’ve been shopping in the parks lately, you’ve seen the distinct shape of the Loungefly mini backpack in certain areas. Disney makes their own backpacks, of course, but these Loungefly ones are the perfect size and shape to use in real life and/or in the parks themselves.

These backpacks are around 10 inches tall and small enough to not be in the way but large enough to carry a poncho or umbrella, wallet, jacket, water bottle, autograph book, and other items you may need to bring into the park. They are faux leather with an allover pattern on the outside and another unique pattern on the inside – which makes them double the fun. The top pouch zips up but has a wide mouth for easy access. These have two exterior pockets as well. Some of these are available online or where other Loungefly products are sold while some are made specifically for Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks.

I personally try to carry as little as possible at the parks because bags can get too heavy, but these small backpacks are very tempting because they’re so cute and a small size. Here are a few of my favorites:

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears

If you’ve read any of my recent blogs, you’ll see that I’m somewhat obsessed with the rose gold products that Disney has come out with lately. I have the ears, want the spirit jersey, and now need the newly released rose gold Minnie ears backpack and wallet from Loungefly.

Disney is good at recognizing what’s popular and running with it, and this sparkly mini backpack is the perfect next step in the rose gold adventure. The backpack and wallet are built with their own set of rose gold Minnie ears to reflect the popular earband that started it all. And, it has a bow!! You can never ever go wrong with a rose gold bow.

Disney Rose Gold Backpack and Wallet

These are available at Disneyland right now – if you can find one, and will hopefully be coming to Walt Disney World soon!

35th Anniversary Figment Mini Backpack

Besides being a rose gold lover, I am a Figment lover. Something about that little purple dragon and his imagination get to me. Figment has become ever popular in recent years and is typically featured in any special event and merchandise for Epcot. This year was no different as Epcot is celebrating its 35th year and Figment merchandise is everywhere. Including, in this amazing 35th Anniversary Loungefly mini backpack.

Disney Figment BackPack

The outside is purple, of course, and covered in colorful Figment drawings. It also has the Epcot 35 logo for added nostalgia. Inside, the fabric is still purple and features the old Epcot Center flower logo that was popular for many years.

Star Wars

Loungefly has also given us a number of Star Wars themed mini backpacks for those looking for a little more light or darkness in their style. One of the most popular of these is the one with the all-over Ewok print for the more traditional Star Wars fan. Another one is a dark blue with the baby Star Wars characters design all over it.

Disney Star Wars BAckPackDisney Ewok backpack

Monsters, Inc.

The Monsters, Inc. mini backpack is another adorable design for the Pixar lover. I’m not usually that big on Monster, Inc. merchandise but this backpack is so colorful, covered in all the iconic Monsters, Inc. symbols. You’ll find Mike, Sully, Roz and many more.

Monsters Inc Mini Backpack

What really got me on this one, though, is the inside design. The inside is purple with the iconic M/eye logo. I love when the inside of something like this is just as fun as the outside.

MonstersInc logo

These are just a few of the amazing mini backpacks that Disney and Loungefly have worked on together. Let us know what your favorite is. And, if they don’t have one in your favorite design, keep waiting. It’s Disney so you never know what they’ll come up with next.

Lindsay Mott Souvenir Gal Disney Travel PlannerLindsay Mott, aka Souvenir Gal, is a lover of all Disney merchandise. She worked for Walt Disney World for 5 years and has never truly gotten over it, now visiting Disney World as often as possible. Lindsay is a regular contributor to Celebrations Magazine and is always on the hunt for the next “perfect” Disney souvenir – official or not. She is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner with The Traveling Mouse Company. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the best souvenirs and travel planning tips and tricks.