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by | Aug 12, 2018 | Disney Entertainment, Disney Parks and Resorts

It seems that many companies are jumping on to the success of Disney merchandise, adding their own spins, designs, and variations into the mix. And, as far as I’m concerned, those who love all kinds of Disney souvenirs are better off for it. Disney does amazing work on their souvenirs, and I buy my fair share, but some things may be slightly off from what I’m looking for or too “for kids” or sometimes just not quite right.

Disney is smart to let other companies put their own touch to their themes and come up with unique merchandise. Sometimes, the most amazing pieces are designed with Disney in mind but by other companies.

One such new line of Disney merch that is designed by a separate company is the new Disney x TOMS Collaboration that launched this summer.  TOMS came about years ago and took off as the company that would donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every one of their shoes that was purchased. They’ve stayed true to this aspect of their business while expanding the types of shoes they offer and the designs.

In June 2018, TOMS stepped into the world of Disney with the first capsule in their Disney x TOMS collection: the Disney Cinderella Collection. This was quickly followed by the Disney Sleeping Beauty Collection in July, and this will be followed by the Disney Snow White Collection that is set to be released in August. All three collections feature sizes for both women and kids.

These shoes have a rubber outsole for traction, a removable insole, a chambray liner, and are vegan. Each collection has a variety of designs and shoe styles – from slip-ons to sneakers.

The Cinderella collection includes Cinderella herself in a variety of dresses as well as Gus and Jaq and a glass slipper or two.

Cinderella TOMS

The Sleeping Beauty collection includes Aurora in a variety of dresses as well as the fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. The Snow White designs are not available to the general public yet, but an advanced pass can be purchased.

TOMS Sleeping Beauty Shoes

According to their website, TOMS went into the Walt Disney Archives to create unique collections featuring original character sketches from these classic Disney films. They were inspired by a “group of young women [who] worked behind the scenes to breathe life into Walt Disney’s films. They were the ones who added the magic to these timeless stories, frame by frame, sparkle by sparkle.”

TOMS says that the Cinderella ones are for those “who break glass ceilings in glass slippers;” the Sleeping Beauty ones are “printed classics for the princess who dreams big;” and the Snow White ones are for those “who build community and hold their friends close.”

And in sticking to their company promise, for each Disney-inspired TOMS shoe purchase, TOMS will give a pair to someone in need.

See the collection at the TOMS website.

Lindsay Mott Souvenir Gal Disney Travel PlannerLindsay Mott, aka Souvenir Gal, is a lover of all Disney merchandise. She worked for Walt Disney World for 5 years and has never truly gotten over it, now visiting Disney World as often as possible. Lindsay is a regular contributor to Celebrations Magazine and is always on the hunt for the next “perfect” Disney souvenir – official or not. She is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner with The Traveling Mouse Company. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the best souvenirs and travel planning tips and tricks.

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