Savor the Savanna

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Disney Parks and Resorts, Lists and Trivia

Famed aviatrix and author Beryl Markham once said, “Africa is mystic; it is wild; it is a sweltering inferno; it is a photographer’s paradise, a hunter’s Valhalla, an escapist’s Utopia. It is what you will, and it withstands all interpretations…” From the peak of Kilimanjaro to the plains of the Serengeti, and down through the rolling of the Ngong hills, the continent pulses with beauty, life, and culture.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom attempts to recreate a portion of that majesty through Harambe village and the Kilimanjaro Safari Attraction. For Guests who want to experience it more in-depth, there is the evening safari experience known as Savor the Savanna.

1. What Is It?

Savor the Savanna is a special tour that takes Guests on a trip through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. Disney Cast Members travel with you, providing information about the animals you see on the way. The tour begins with a ride through the reserve on a safari vehicle. It follows a portion of the standard Kilimanjaro Safaris route but diverges on its way to the “Boma,” the tour’s ultimate destination.

The ride is a bit rough, so be prepare to bump and jostle along the way. The truck will stop to allow Guests to take photographs when possible. It also stops for Cast Members working in the animal areas to approach the safari vehicles and deliver information about the wildlife.

The Boma sits in the Western portion of the Harambe Wildlife Preserve. It is a covered area that overlooks the savanna. There is also a walkway which allows Guests further views of the animals. In the covered portion there is an array of food and drink items to savor as you soak in the atmosphere. Cast Members are on hand to talk with Guests about the wildlife, African culture, and more.

Alcoholic beverages are available, but you’ll need to be at least 21 and have a valid I.D. to get them. The food is a mix of meats, bread, fruit and salad. All dishes are African inspired and are served tapas style.

The entire experience lasts around two hours, with tours beginning at 5 and 6:15 p.m.

2. How Much Does it Cost?

Tickets for Savor the Savanna are $169 for all ages, and guests must be a minimum of eight-years old to take the tour. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Cancellations must occur at least two days before your reservation, or you forfeit the cost.

3. Group Size

The experience is intended to be intimate and informative, so group sizes are limited to 12 people per tour.

4. Photographs

Aside from your personal photographs, a Disney photographer will be on hand at the Boma. All photos taken by the Disney photographer are included in the cost of your ticket and are made available by download.

5. Souvenirs and Conservation

At the end of the tour, Guests are given a set of bamboo coasters as well as a commemorative pin. You’ll also be provided with a rock which represents a portion of your ticket cost. Before you leave, you’ll see wooden boxes with animals carved into them. Each box represents a conservation project Disney supports. You place your rock in the box with the animal conservation project you want to your money put toward.

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