An Incredible Celebration At Hollywood Studios

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Disney Entertainment, Disney Parks and Resorts, Lists and Trivia

Is there anyone who doesn’t love the Incredibles? Well, maybe Syndrome, the Underminer, and the Screenslaver, but as long as you aren’t a super villain attempting to destroy Municiberg, you’re probably a fan.

Devotees of the original Pixar film (released in 2004) had to wait 14 years for a sequel, but it seems that all of that waiting paid off. After last year’s release of The Incredibles 2, Disney has created a very special celebration of the film. A lazier writer might even describe it as ‘incredible,’ but fear not dear reader. I will not opt for such an obvious adjective. Let’s just say it’s super.

1. Pixar Place Transformed

Pixar Place, located in Hollywood Studios, has been transformed into Municiberg: Home of the Incredibles. Stroll through the area and you’ll see all sorts of decorative touches, like the Municiberg City Seal on the ground, advertisements for fictional products like “Blast-O Cola,” an Instagram worthy wall that features the Muniberg skyline, and more.

There is Incredibles merch aplenty in the area, and Incredibles themed foods at the new Neighborhood Bakery. What types of snacks you ask? There’s the Frozone Slush, Num Num cookies, Key lime pie on a stick, an Incredible Hero sandwich, a pretzel mask with cheese, and a concoction called the Secret Identity which consists of frozen Coca-Cola topped with cherry cotton candy and what the menu describes as “surprise” candy. You can also get an Incredibles drinking straw.

2. The Super Shindig

Of course, when superheroes aren’t busy saving the world there’s one thing they really love to do: dance! You can join Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone in the Super Shindig Dance Party. There’s a bit of streetmosphere involved too. A roving Municiberg reporter strolls through the event, talking to Guests and reporting the daily news. His “reports” are projected live onto a screen that resembles a large TV set. There are also games like the limbo and “freeze,” to keep the things lively.

3. The Edna Mode Experience

Superheroes are great and all, but everyone knows that the brilliant and eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode is the true hero of the Incredibles movie franchise. Fortunately, you can now bask in her genius by visiting the Edna Mode Experience, a meet-and-greet that includes a super-suit gallery of some of Edna’s greatest work. Just remember: No capes!

4. Where’s Jak Jak?

While visiting Municiberg, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tell-tale signs of the youngest member of the Parr family. Jak Jak is somewhere in the area, but to find him you’ll have to follow the trail of cookie crumbs, laser scars, and footprints he’s left all over town.

5. Limited Time!

Sadly, the Incredibles can’t spend ALL of their time dancing in the streets. Who would keep us safe from the forces of evil? An Incredible Celebration runs through September 30, 2019. After that, the supers will head back to doing what they do best: keeping the world safe!

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